haleakala sunrise

Taking the Next Step

haleakala sunrise

A new day begins with the sunrise atop the Haleakala Summit

Why start a blog…now?

For years, I have shunned the thought of putting parts of me out into the ether of the internet for public consumption.  Many of the accomplishments and opportunities have been a series building blocks based on the interactions and bonds created within the running community at-large.  This community has come to symbolize a modern-day tribe to me.

Sharing the bonds of pursuing a life of adventure, a sense of self-worth, and marked improvements in physical capacities, ties each of us together.  In that same vein, I owe the tribe the continuity of growing the living knowledge base in the hopes of welcoming more folks and sparking a bit of inspiration in tomorrow’s athletes.

In retrospect, I feel that I have been a bit selfish.  I have been blessed in this life to experience some pretty cool things before I could even make thirty trips around the sun.  From the beginnings as a mediocre freshman runner in Atlanta to wandering the mountainous terrain of Tibet, I have come to appreciate aspects of the sport of running beyond the actions of a daily run.

Blogging will be another outlet and a way to provide others a bit of illumination by way of my personal experience and beliefs.  I make no promises about the frequency.  As the artist is to the muse, I must write when the mood strikes.  My intent is to share experiences, ideas, responses, emotions, race recaps, and so forth that are contained in my head into a digestible format for you.  Topics can and will vary.

If you have any questions or comments, hit me up in the comment box below.  In life, and in sport, the important thing is getting started and doing work.  #letsgo