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Great Wall of ChinaI’m a guy who started running in the mid-90s and has been moving forward every since.  Running has been a gateway and a vehicle of progress in my life and those closest to me.  I have created this blog for personal introspection and to share experiences, knowledge, and musings gained both on the trail and off the running path.

Running has been a constant touchstone in my life.  It has grown from its infancy in high school cross country,  through marathon as a college student and onwards into the world of ultrarunning, triathlons, multidays adventures, and various endurance-related activities.  I have a fond spot for the physical adversity and character-revealing challenge of movement through the environment (particularly 100-mile runs and upwards).  Some of the highlights of my athletic background revolve around experiences at the Badwater Ultramarathon, the Marathon des Sables, multiple Boston Marathon runs, and the Vineman triathlon.  Life is about variety–so an all-out mile, SUP, triathlons, or anything involving movement remains fair game.

My professional life has recently been one of transition.  I am currently the marketing coordinator for the Great Wall of China Marathon and have enjoyed spreading the word of this amazing experience.  Prior to that, I served as an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps alongside of some remarkable and hard-working individuals.

In the theme of giving back, I make a concerted effort to contribute back to the sport and the people that have provided me a life of adventure.  I became a USATF Level 1/RRCA Certified running coach and worked with the USNA Marathon Team during my tenure as a teacher at the U.S. Naval Academy.  Diving into race directing, I have served as the RD for the Endless Summer 6-Hour Run since 2011.  As a guest columnist, I have contributed articles to Military Times’ PT365 Blog centering on fitness, running, and nutrition.  Since 2010, my buddy, Maj Robert Hillery and I have conducted the “1in10” awareness campaign for the Semper Fi Fund (SFF) as another way to attend to the morale and welfare of our brethren and sisters-in-arm.  To date, we have raised over $25K towards the SFF; if you feel inclined to know more, check out the “1in10” link above.

Running is simply more than a physical activity to me.  If you find insights or can resonate with anything you read within these blog posts, let me know and stay tuned in.  I appreciate any feedback for improvement.  You can get in touch via FaceBook, InstagramTwitter, or the comments boxes.

May the trail rise to meet your feet!

D/W [#dowork]

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